The best camera is the one you always have with you!

Shooting with a model or just for fun, does always challenge me to get the “ONE” picture. Doesn’t matter, if you take hundred, thousands or until the memory card is full. 

I use the tools I have to capture the moment and work with the people and the environment to create something magical. 



In case of emergency, rescue my drums!

I have been playing drums since 2006, and it is by far not the quietest and smallest instrument in the world, but it such fun! I have played multiple shows with bands on stages and in theatres.  

With the challenge to live in a flat with many neighbours, I expanded my gear with en electronic drumset, which is not just quiter, it also provides a lot of new features and variations.  


Not all those who wander are lost!

You could find new places, by searching the web or from a recommendation. Have you ever tried to just go for it and wander around on a place you don’t know and in case you get lost, your smartphone will help you. 

Traveling for me, is exploring new places and new cultures. Doesn’t matter if you travel for business or leisure, expanding you horizon and learning something new is a gift!